What is a basic Child Study Team Evaluation?


According to the New Jersey Special Education Code, a Child Study Team evaluation may include an assessment by two or more of the following certified personnel: School Psychologist, Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant, and Social Worker.

Each evaluation of the student shall:

1. Include, where appropriate, or required, the use of a standardized test(s) which shall be:

  • Individually administered;
  • Valid and reliable;
  • Normed on a representative population; and
  • Scored as either standard score with standard deviation or norm referenced scores with a cutoff score.

2. Include functional assessment of academic performance and where appropriate, behavior. Each of the following components shall be completed by at least one evaluator:

  • A minimum of one structured observation by one evaluator in other than a testing session;
  • In the case of a student who is suspected of having a specific learning disability,
       one evaluator shall observe the student's academic performance in the regular classroom;
  • An interview with the student's parent;
  • An interview with the teacher(s) referring the potentially disabled student;
  • A review of the student's developmental/educational history including records and interviews;
  • A review of interventions documented by the classroom teacher(s) and others who work with the student; and
  • One or more informal measure(s) which may include, but not be limited to surveys and inventories; analysis of
        work; trial teaching; self report; criterion referenced tests; curriculum based assessment; and informal rating scales.

If necessary, evaluations will be conducted by other specialists: speech/language specialists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, audiologists, school nurses, and physicians.

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